Two year old Agape Sangma suffers eye tumor, helpless parents seek support for operation

March 24, 2023 by MT Bureau


Tura, Mar 24: The parents of a two year old girl are presently facing a nightmare which all started when they found out that their little bundle of joy has been suffering from an eye tumor. Such is the situation that Agape Sangma now needs a surgery and sadly, this is something that the hapless parents cannot afford.

"We are helpless as we, as daily wage earners, cannot afford the sum of Rs 1.5 lakhs the doctors said was required for the operation. We have sought help from our neighbours but all of us are in the same boat so how can I force it on them? We have also appealed online for funds but the system is extremely slow and we are afraid that the tumour will eat into her eye and leave it completely useless. It may already be too late but there is no way I am going to give up without trying,” said the girl’s father, Lalsen Marak who resides in Kolaipara, Melopara near the border with Meghalaya in Goalpara.

He informed that he has tried crowd sourcing this amount through impactguru but sadly, such is the policy of this platform that unless the donations stack up to Rs 50,000, the family will not be able to withdraw the money to pay for medical expenses, without difficulties. Apparently, a neighbour had suggested this avenue to Agape’s parents who are both uneducated.

“She needed to be in the hospital and operated on yesterday. We first found out about her tumour during a visit to a hospital in Goalpara and she has been screaming from the pain in her eye since quite some time. It is heart numbing to be there with her going through so much suffering. I appeal to all who can help to kindly come forward to contribute. Your little help will always be remembered by my 2-year old and us,” said the mother, Reli Sangma.

The girl has been taken to Guwahati’s Shankardeva Eye Hospital after contributions from a few well-wishers but more finances will be required before the girl can actually walk out completely cured.

Those willing to contribute for the operation can send in their contributions to the donation
Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330003526466
Account name: Agabe Sangma
IFSC code: RATN0VAAPIS (The digit after N is Zero)
For UPI Transaction: assist.agabe@icici
To donate to the account of the neighbor who is with the girl at this time, the Gpay number is 9957495963. Her SBI account number 34949455629 and IFSC is SBIN0007977.

Your donations will help give the gift of sight to Agape and ensure that she has a bright future ahead of her.