Sohiong residents flag inconsistencies in fund release

April 28, 2023 by MT Bureau

Claiming that they have not received funds from the Special Rural Works Programme (SRWP) scheme 2018-2022, a section of the residents of Sohiong constituency have demanded an answer from former MLA Samlin Malngiang as to why this situation has come about.

Speaking to media persons, John Wankhar claimed that many residents of various villages under Sohiong constituency have not received funds, despite their names having appeared in the list of beneficiaries.

Wankhar informed that after receiving complaints from villagers, a group of residents had sought RTI report from the CRD Block Office Sohiong in June 2022 on the number of beneficiaries benefited from the SRWP scheme 2018-2022.

"As per the RTI report received on 12 July 2022 from the CRD Block Office Sohiong, till date there are 15 individuals or families from various villages who have not receive any funds under the SRWP scheme 2018-2022 despite their names have appeared in the list of beneficiaries" alleged Wankhar.

Wandalin Khongsit, a resident of Kharlakhar village who had accompanied the group said that her name had also appeared in the list to receive Rs.10,000 for the implementation of SRWP scheme but till date the fund was never accredited to her account.

Khongsit said that all beneficiaries of the SRWP scheme 2018-2022 was supposed to be given Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 but till date there are 14 individuals or families who have not received the fund despite their names having appeared in the beneficiaries list.

"As a group and personally I have visited the CRD Block Office Sohiong and have enquired about the non-release of funds meant under SRWP scheme 2018-2022 but till date, we have not received any positive response" said Khongsit.