Shortage of medicines in Meghalaya health centres a concern: Shangpliang

May 2, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, May 1: The BJP in Meghalaya has expressed concern over the shortage of medicines in the various health centres besides the delay to speed up the Aadhaar enrolment for children in the state.

Speaking to media persons, BJP spokesperson and former Mawsynram legislator Himalaya M Shangpliang said that he has received information that many health centres including CHCs, PHCs are facing shortage of medicines and this has caused a lot of problems to the poor people.

He added that even the Smart Card issued under the Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) is allegedly not functioning well.

“I urge the government to ensure an adequate supply of medicines as we want each and every poor person to get the facility of the government medicines,” Shangpliang said while urging the need to address the issue of the MHIS smart card.

Further, the BJP leader also expressed concern that the Aadhaar enrolment for children is yet to start in the state. This has been directed as per order issued by the Central government.

“(Due to this) we are very concerned that the social welfare department is not going to get adequate nutrients, vitamins and supplies tomorrow because they have not been able to take the Aadhaar card for the babies and children. This has to be taken up seriously by the government,” he said.

Regarding the plight of the farmers, Shanpgliang said that there has been a sudden reduction in the price of broomsticks from Rs 130 to Rs 90 per kg and this has to a great extent affected the farmers. He said that the government should look into this matter by ensuring that the price of broomsticks remains at Rs 130 per kg.

Meanwhile, the BJP leader said that the party is not only looking at corruption but also whether government departments are implementing their schemes in the right earnest.

“The new government is only two months old and we are partners of the present government but it doesn’t mean that we turn a blind eye if there is anything wrong in the functioning. Therefore, the party will follow up the functioning of the government,” he said.

Earlier, BJP state president Ernest Mawrie said that the new government should be given a chance to work.

“If they work for the betterment of the people we will support them but if any misuse we will object as we have zero tolerance against corruption,” he added.