No unity of opposition political parties, says Meghalaya Opposition Leader Ronnie V Lyngdoh

June 12, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, June 11: Leader of Opposition Ronnie V Lyngdoh said the question of unity among the opposition political parties in the Assembly does not arise since they do not have any alliance.

There are 14 MLAs in the opposition bench of which 5 are from the Congress, 5 from All India Trinamool Congress and 4 from the Voice of the People Party (VPP).

According to Lyngdoh, who is also 3-time Mylliem legislator, the Congress will support pertinent issues raised by the other two opposition political parties – AITC and VPP.

“The question of unity doesn’t arise. We will take up certain issues as and when it is required in the House. If there are pertinent issues which need to be tackled, we will discuss with other parties because as such we do not have an alliance, so as and when required, we will take it up with other parties,” the leader of opposition said.

Asked if any effort will be made to form an alliance among the opposition political parties, Lyngdoh however said that the VPP had already made their stand clear that they are not interested in having an alliance with anyone and they will go alone.

So far, the Congress is yet to receive any offer from the AITC for forming an alliance.

“In the last session it was very clear that there was no move from any party to form an alliance, so we being a national party as and when we received such offer then we will take up with the party,” he added.

Whether it is healthy to have a divided opposition, the leader of opposition said even the ruling parties are having an alliance but you can still see on certain issues, one or two of the alliance partners do not simple agree with the major parties.

He however said the Congress will support the other two opposition political parties based on issues.

“If one of the parties in the opposition raises issues that are pertinent and require our support, we will support them,” Lyngdoh said while adding that he doubted that the other opposition parties would oppose issues raised by the Congress inside the House.