No step back on roster system, says Meghalaya CM Conrad K Sangma

July 14, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, July 13: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said the office memorandum (OM) is out on implementation of the roster system and is final.

Sangma told reporters that the question of going back does not arise.

He was responding to a query on the indefinite strike called by the ACHIK demanding the government to implement the roster system retrospectively and the winter capital in Tura, West Garo Hills District.

“That (OM) has been final and question of going back into it does not arise,” Sangma said while reminded that the government had already consulted every stakeholders before the coming out with the new OM.

He said that the ACHIK was also present in such meeting.

“(However), what is important is to ensure that the roster system is properly implemented in letter and spirit in the coming days, months and years and that’s what is crucial for us and that’s what we are looking at,” he said.

The chief minister said past appointments that were made against individuals who belong to other communities cannot be terminated as itis not practical and not realistic.

On the demand for winter capital, Sangma said it is a long pending demand and these are all related to economic development.

“I have maintained from day one that every demand that comes in this aspects are related to economics and certain communities in the society do feel that by getting a winter capital, the development aspect will come in. So it is one of the ways that development is expected to come to a certain part or region,” he said.

Stating that the government is ensuring that development is spread across the state, the chief minister said for the first time, mini secretariats will be set up in different regions of the state which include Tura, Jowai, Pynursla.

“These mini secretariats when they come up act as a unified and consolidated kind of integrated administrative complex which is like a mini secretariat and different departments will function from there,” he said while adding “Hence, these kinds of big administrative reforms and administrative infrastructures are coming up and as we move along based on the development that is there examination of different aspects can be looked into but this is a process and it takes time and we are working towards it but we will see a lot of economic activities taking place in the different regions of the state.”