Meghalaya Exporters oppose price hike of quarry slip

June 19, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, June 18: The Bri Hynniewtrep Exporter and Importer Association has informed that it opposed the notification of the Sub Division Officer (SDO) to increase the cost of quarry slip from Rs.2200 to Rs.4000.

Speaking to media persons, president of the Importer Association Nikistar Nongrang informed that on 29 May 2023, the SDO office had issued a new rate for quarry slip which is Rs.4000 for five ton of quarry.

Nongrang alleged that this new rate by the SDO Pynursla indicates that the government is trying to snatch away the livelihood of local quarries and those who earn their livelihood through import and export of stone quarry to Bangladesh.

He informed that on 10 June the association had met the SDO Pynursla and in the meeting they had expressed their opposition on the new rate of quarry slip but till date the SDO had not revoke the order for new rate.

“Beside the new rate of quarry slip which is Rs.4000 the importers and exporters have to pay for various slips including COVID slip, parking slip and challan, the local exporters are facing difficulties to pay huge amount” said Nongrang.

Nongrang said that it is not just about the new rate but the main opposition is with regard to non-clarity as to who will get the challan or quarry slip in order to export stone quarry to Bangladesh.

He added that the association also opposes the quarry slip as there is no clarity as to why local exporters are being stopped from travelling to Bangladesh to drop stone quarries.