Meghalaya BJP leader AL Hek denies meeting AITC leader Mukul Sangma

May 12, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, May 11: BJP senior leader and cabinet minister AL Hek has claimed that he has never met AITC leader and former chief minister Mukul Sangma after formation of the NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance-2 government.

Speaking to reporters today, Hek said that he was surprised to learn that Sangma, a senior legislator from Songsak constituency, had alleged that he had met him and expressed unhappiness against the government.

“That is totally wrong because I have not met Mukul Sangma after forming the MDA-2 government,” he said.

Yesterday, Sangma while denying having any discussion with AL Hek about a possible merger with the saffron party revealed that in fact Hek had requested the AITC leaders to ensure that the NPP-led MDA government does not come back to power in the state. Sangma was reacting to Hek's claim of having met him and AITC state president Charles Pyngrope over a 'cup of tea' and discussed a possible merger with BJP.

Hek said that he only met the former chief minister during the Assembly’s session during tea break at the chamber of the Speaker.

“We never talk about politics. We also never talk against the government. We are sitting like colleague legislators. We are talking about the welfare of the state, about the Assembly but we don’t talk against anybody,” he maintained.

“I have not met him so how is he saying that I told him that we are going against the government. I have not met him,” Hek asked while revealing that he was in fact approached by TMC leaders but not Mukul Sangma during the formation of the government.

He said other leaders from UDP, PDF and Congress had also met him during the government formation. According to him, he cannot deny them if they want to meet him.

“Whatever decision taken by the central leadership I have to follow in toto that the decision and instruction given by the national leadership, national president, union home minister, even the CM of Assam he called me that we are going to form the MDA government under the leadership of the NPP and we have to work their leadership only. So there is no question (of being against the government) when the party has taken the decision. We have to follow accordingly,” he added.