Govt looking for an alternate option to Marten

April 15, 2023 by MT Bureau

Chief Secretary DP Wahlang has informed that the government is planning to look for an alternative site for setting up a landfill which will be a little far away from Shillong.

Wahlang told reporters today that Marten is still being used today as there is a lot of composting activity and recycling activity that is taking place there.

“That is the reason why we can still use it today otherwise I don't think it is fit to be used as a landfill but on top of that it is in the plan of the government that we look for another alternative site and it is a work in progress,” he said.

On the government to address the problem of people being not ready to part their land for setting of landfills in the state, Wahlang said, There is a factor in landfill management called the 'NIMBY factor' that is "not in my backyard'. You know we can have a landfill but "not in my backyard" that is called the NIMBY factor we are aware of that but we have to motivate them, we have maybe go to a place which is a little far off the city that is important but we will have to try and it is a work in progress and there is no other alternative but to look for another site."