Corruption will lead to formation of militant groups: Mukul

September 18, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, Sep 17: Opposition AITC leader and former chief minister Mukul Sangma said formation of militant groups will take place if there is corruption in the State.

He was reacting a query on the recent formation of a new militant outfit in Khasi-Jaintia Hills region – National Liberation Council of Nongkyndong (NLCN).

“Now in absence of jobs, in absence of opportunities or rather will you say in the circumstance where¬† you see robbing of opportunities by people in authority, by people in power, when too much of nepotism and your complete monopoly in business and other things are there then this is what happens,” Mukul said.

Stating these are precursors of what is going to happen, he said, “When there is increased number of elite groups fighting for the same kind of space and the space is limited then when you cannot create that kind of equilibrium in the society then you will have that whole distortion of the equilibrium.”

“This is the slow indication of what is going to happen. And once it happens then it is going to remain for 15-20 years so another 15-20 years, you are going to have a mess and who is going to clear it?” he asked.

The former chief minister further asserted that the interest of the State is more important and said there is need to handle the situation with the State already witnessing lots of crimes.