'Centre should send Governors who can speak the language' says Meghalaya Cabinet Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh

March 21, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, March 20: NPP leader and cabinet minister Ampareen Lyngdoh today asserted the need for the Centre to take note that they should send Governors who can speak the language that is spoken by the people of the state.

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On the opposition VPP’s decision to walk out in protest against the Governor for addressing the House in Hindi, Ampareen said she was happy that the issue was highlighted once again.

In 2018, Ampareen herself had staged a walkout as a mark of protest against the then Governor Ganga Prasad for delivering his address in Hindi.

“We need to ensure that the Government of India knows the people of Meghalaya do not understand Hindi. In fact, we were having some difficulty following the language that was spoken even though the written speech was given to us,” she said while adding “This is important that we consistently inform and highlight to the government of India that we are a non-Hindi speaking community.”

The East Shillong legislator said, “I respect the fact that the opposition raised the matter, that's it. You don’t have to support or not support.”

She also said that speaking in a specific language is not a matter of the cabinet when responding to a query as to why she did not raise an objection on the issue in the cabinet.

“This is something which we anticipated will happen, not necessary that it was discussed in the cabinet but there is a language barrier, the governor cannot speak any other language but Hindi and what was done was done,” she said.

Stating that roles changed, the cabinet minister said, “Just because Ampareen has gone to the government but that does not mean the opposition shall not highlight it. We must be grateful that it was highlighted despite the fact that our roles in the government change and it is not unusual for the roles in government to change. It is not as if I am in government so I should also rise, I have to maintain protocol but I am happy that it was again highlighted. The Government of India should take note and they should send Governors who would preferably speak the language that is spoken by the people.”

She, however, maintained that speaking more than that will be irrelevant at this point of time and said, “As of today the governor could not speak any other language and the opposition correctly raised it. Leave it at that. At this point of time, we speak of nothing more than that.”

“My role here is very simple. I am a minister in this government because of the procedures of governance I am unable to speak but that does not mean that it is a point that should not have been raised,” she added.