ACHIK highlights advantages of winter capital

April 25, 2023 by MT Bureau

ACHIK has organised awareness campaign on Winter Capital/Second Capital with Six A’khing Nokmas in Wangala Building Asanang.

The organization as a part of mobilisation had organised an awareness campaign with six A’khing Nokmas for the people residing in these Six A’khinglands.

Speaking on the occasion, the General Secretary Advocate Bernita R Marak gave a clarification on the Job Reservation Policy, 1972 and the emergence of Roster System which was a verdict of the High Court.

Advocate Bernita R Marak informed the participation about the history of the verdict of Roster System in Job Reservation Policy in Meghalaya.

She also clarified on the matters of cutoff date on Roster System and why Achik community needed to stand together on the issue.

The issue of Winter Capital was also brought up by the Education Secretary, Macklowrence M Sangma where he informed and clarified that the demand for the Second Capital in Tura is not a new one but has existed even before the creation of the state of Meghalaya.

He informed that Second Capital in Tura was in agreement with all the stakeholders during the creation of the state of Meghalaya.

He assured that ACHIK as an organization is working, mobilizing and working in tandem with the other organisations in Garo Hills.

He said that Winter Capital is not the issue of only one organization but it is the issue of the A•chik nation and regretted that some organization claims it as their issue.

He opined that Winter Capital or Second Capital should unite the Garos and other tribes or non tribals across the Garo Hills and hope to see the reality soon.

The realisation of the Winter Capital in Tura would depend on the Unity and the massive movements that the people Garo Hills can create, he concludes.