ACHIK demands cut-off date for roster system

April 14, 2023 by MT Bureau

The A·chik Conscious Holistic Integrated Krima (ACHIK) demanded that the cut-off date for implementation of the roster system should be retrospectively from 1972.

In a memorandum to Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong, ACHIK said, “(We) would like to reiterate the organization on behalf of the A·chik people openly take a stand that there would not be any compromise on the cutoff date and the organisation maintains the year 1972 to be considered for the roster system of Meghalaya Job Reservation Policy which is a system to bring equity to the injustices met out to the people of A·chik people.”

The organization also warned that “if any injustice is done to A·chik people, the organisation would resort to democratic rallies and demonstrations under the provisions of the Indian Constitution as the mobilisation by the organisation has already started throughout the Garo Hills.”

It also threatened to approach even the Apex court if injustice is meted out to the Achik people during the decisions to be taken by the Cabinet or an All-party meeting on the issue of the roster system.

Meanwhile, the ACHIK also sought the intervention of the deputy chief minister for establishing the winter capital or second capital in Tura.

According to them, the lethargic attitude of the government in establishing the winter capital or second capital in Tura has led the A·chik people to historical marginalization, economic deprivation, social discrimination and political exclusion, etc.