99 pc of Meghalaya’s colleges have started 4 yr degree courses

September 8, 2023 by MT Bureau

Staff Reporter

Shillong, Sept 7: Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma has informed that ninety-nine per cent of the colleges in Meghalaya have started the implementation of the 4-year degree courses under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the colleges affiliated with the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) have already implemented the NEP by starting the classes for the 4-year degree courses. We are in touch with the heads of the different institutions and their management,” Sangma told reporters yesterday.

He said the State government had earlier written to NEHU that some of the colleges had expressed their inability to implement the NEP.

“However after deliberation on the need of the hour and the urgency of this introduction, now all the colleges have implemented (NEP) and they have taken the importance of the future of our students,” he added.

Referring to the ongoing stalemate between the NEHU and the Meghalaya College Teachers Association (MCTA) and NEHUTA, the minister said, “We request them to sort things out because there is no opposition from any student, principal or management (against NEP implementation).”

He said the government now leaves it to the heads of the different institutions and their management to decide on the NEP.

When asked, Sangma said, “If we continue with the 3-year degree courses, our students will graduate in 2026 and in 2026, where our students will go for admission. If they go to Assam, Delhi and other state universities since they already implemented NEP and 4-year degree courses, I doubt whether our students will be eligible for further studies for postgraduate courses or not.”

“I think they will make their own decision but students’ future is top priority because our colleges are affiliated to NEHU and whatever decision is taken by it, they will have to follow,” he said.

Meanwhile, the education minister informed that the State government is coming up with its own curriculum in line with NEP.

“NEP is a broad subject. From elementary, upper primary, secondary and higher education, we are already implementing it. Lots of training is going on. Since the national curriculum framework has just been rolled out one week back, we are examining this and so we will come up with our own curriculum which will be best suited for our environment,” he added.